Year Five is Upon Me


F our years ago today I created a Second Life account and downloaded the SL beta client. Public land was plentiful and you could fly across the entire world in a couple minutes. Oh, how things have changed. I was planning on a long diatribe on the state of Second Life to mark my 4th anniversary, but I just don’t have the time—real life is extremely busy at the moment. I do have a couple more tutorial translations to post, and I apologize to the authors for not posting them sooner. I will get to them this week.

My thanks go out to my Second Life partner, Caroline Apollo, whom I’ve had a lot of fun with over the past couple years. I’m sorry I’ve been so absent this past year—it’s not for lack of wanting to be in-world, hanging out, and having fun.

I’ll save my laundry list of criticisms for the way Second Life is evolving under the stewardship of Linden Lab. For now I urge you to visit project open letter and add you signature if you feel inclined.

Creating a Tattoo -- Now in HTML


Finally! I’ve completed moving my PDF tutorial to HTML; now it’s lightweight, accessible, and easily updated. Here’s the last piece:

Creating a Tattoo in Second Life

I’m still looking for volunteers to translate any of my tutorials. I notice a lot of people using Google and Babelfish to translate them. Feel free to contact me if you have some time.

All My Second Life Tutorials in Deutsch


Many thanks to Deutsch translator extraordinaire Paradise Tavoularis (SL) for translating the last four of my tutorials into German. I think there’s a burgeoning Second Life presence over in Germany, so hopefully this will help the new clothing designers get started. Can’t wait to see some German style!

The full set of tutorials in German:
Einführung: Wie mache ich Kleidung für Second Life?
Euer erstes Hemd in Second Life
Die Alphakanal-Fibel: Transparenz in Second Life
Ein Tattoo in Second Life erstellen
Wie man eine Schaufensterpuppe erstellt

Also, thanks again to Annalena Goldblatt who translated the Mannequin tutorial.

Classified's Don't Work


The recently released statistical data on the SL economy are quite fascinating. (As an aside, I wish we could get better data for our in-world transactions. Right now the daily transactions a user may download from do not include Object Name, making them all but worthless for tracking sales data. C’mon LL just give us object name!).

Of key interest is the Sources and Sinks table which gives one a really great snapshot of the SL economy and helps complete the picture as to how LL will transition SL into a “platform” and away from a traditional MMO service. With stipends and dwell going the way of taxes (remember those?) the primary Sources of income for residents will be either purchasing straight from LL, purchasing from other residents (Lindex), or revenue from the sales of content and land.

Also of note is the amount spent on Classifieds during the month of April: L$ 3,824,573. Noteworthy because I think this sink is an enormous waste of money for residents using it. In my own personal tests over a few weeks with Larsen Shops I tried a couple different methods of trying to drive traffic with classifieds in an attempt to determine their effectiveness. We saw barely any difference in overall traffic and no difference between high-priced classifieds and low. Maybe someday Classifieds will be worth paying for, but at this moment in time, don’t waste your money. If you do want the slight benefit, buy an ad for the lowest amount. And make sure your keywords appear in the text of your ad.