Google Earth -- Just Add Avatars


Ordinarily I don’t traffic in rumors, but this one seemed to good to pass up. If anyone could pull off a bigger, better metaverse, it would be Google. I’ve been hoping they’d just purchase Linden Lab for a couple years now, which, if Google is serious about a virtual world, must be under consideration.

Creating a Mannequin in Portuguese


Many thanks to Tom Reddevil for translating one of my tutorials into Portuguese. I realized in putting together Tom’s translation that my tutorials are a bit out of date having been written over 2 years ago. Some of the keyboard shortcuts have changed, for instance. I’m thinking of taking my PDF tutorial and making it available in HTML, I just need to set aside the time to do so. Where to find the time!?

If you would like to translate one of my tutorials, please send me an email. Tom did a great job mirroring my layout in Microsoft Word which made it super easy to cut and paste.

Transactions Have More Detail


We’re almost there. In my entry on SL’s classifieds I mentioned my disappointment that the transaction history available at did not include object descriptions. Someone was listening and transactions now contain object description! I only have two more requests (boy, am I greedy!): 1. make the transaction history available on a monthly basis. At this point I’ll need to create some sort of system to fetch the .XLS every day. 2. Give us location information (Sim coordinates). Right now I’ll still have to put an acronym in the object description to track where it’s been purchased and then I’ll have to parse the file and create a new column based on that acronym.

Nvidia 7900GT, Forceware 93.71, and SL


Not a good combination. When I log into Second Life I get 10 second screen freezes, incredible psychedlic geometry artifacting, flashing and finally auto-reboots. Now, I’ve been around a video card or two, and generally these types of symptoms indicate bad hardware, many times due to overheating. Watching the card’s temperature though reveals that it’s staying relatively cool, so it looks like the drivers are the culprit. I downgraded to 91.47 and everything is great. Well, except of course for the normal SL issues!

Update: Ok, apparently I spoke too soon. The problems are back today, which makes me think that it’s either my GFX card or SL. A couple of hours playing a DirectX game without any problems makes me think it’s SL + OpenGL + my GFX card. At this point I can’t work in Second Life at all for more than a couple minutes.