Creating a Mannequin in Portuguese


Many thanks to Tom Reddevil for translating one of my tutorials into Portuguese. I realized in putting together Tom’s translation that my tutorials are a bit out of date having been written over 2 years ago. Some of the keyboard shortcuts have changed, for instance. I’m thinking of taking my PDF tutorial and making it available in HTML, I just need to set aside the time to do so. Where to find the time!?

If you would like to translate one of my tutorials, please send me an email. Tom did a great job mirroring my layout in Microsoft Word which made it super easy to cut and paste.



Here’s a little inspiration from the RL runway for all you virtual fashion designers. The circle and dirndl skirts are fun, and there’s something about the higher waistline that’s appealing.

Why I Don't Have Comments


A perfect distillation as to why I don’t allow comments on this journal. Very funny. The audio is NSFW.

Internet Commenter Business Meeting

Internet Commenter Business Meeting Part Deux

Avatars and their Celeb Look-alikes


Thanks to Sabrina for pointing out a fun little tool that uses facial recognition software to match celebrity faces. Not perfect, but fun. My top matches were Bebe Neuwirth, Christy Turlington, and Katrina Kaif (Indian Actress, from what I can tell). Upon close inspection I’ve got the eyes and eyebrows of Bebe, Christy’s mouth and overall head shape, and Katrina’s nose. I never really planned my “look” it just sort of happened organically over time.