Better Templates for Makin' Clothes


I noticed recently that Linden Lab still has not fixed the individual template downloads on their templates page to include the UV Map layers I mention in my tutorial(s). I think I pointed this out around the time 1.1 came out, which was, well, a long time ago (October 2003). So make sure you download the entire set of templates—the UV map layers are in those files.

Or, alternatively, you can do what I do and use Chip Midnight’s fantastic, high resolution templates which include more detail (like where eyelashes are found).

Update Linden Lab once again changed the location of their template files without leaving a URL to forward requests, so I’ve updated where appropriate on my site.

Web Profiles are Coming


In the next update of Second Life (1.13), a new tab will appear in your avatar’s Profile that can be seen by the public. This Web tab can be set to a specific URL that loads a Web page. The rendering of the the page uses the Mozilla browser technology (think Firefox). The dimensions of the page are 400×400 pixels. If a page is larger scrollbars will appear to allow the user to scroll the page.

This is a great opportunity to bring external information about your avatar or business into Second Life. I imagine one of the existing SL profile Web sites will take great advantage of this new feature.

The big question, of course, is when do we get Mozilla-on-a-Prim?

Creating a Mannequin in German (Wie man eine Schaufensterpuppe erstellt)


Many thanks to Annalena Goldblatt for translating one of my tutorials into Deutsch! I’ve been getting many more visitors from Germany recently, so this should help them out even more.

What is VastPark?


“VastPark is a virtual content platform featuring free tools, revolutionary distributed content syndication and enables you to deploy your own virtual world or online game within seconds royalty free.”

Looks intriguing. More information over at Metaversed. Hop over to VastPark to sign up for their beta.