What is VastPark?


“VastPark is a virtual content platform featuring free tools, revolutionary distributed content syndication and enables you to deploy your own virtual world or online game within seconds royalty free.”

Looks intriguing. More information over at Metaversed. Hop over to VastPark to sign up for their beta.

What is Metaplace?


“Our motto is: build anything, play everything, from anywhere. Until now, virtual worlds have all worked like the closed online services from before the internet took off. They had custom clients talking to custom servers, and users couldn’t do much of anything to change their experience. We’re out to change all of that.”

I’ve been reading Raph Koster’s blog for a couple years now and waiting to see what he’d come up with next. I’m excited that that day has gotten a little bit closer. Can’t wait to see MetaPlace.

Hopefully 2008 will be the start of the 2nd generation of virtual worlds and will be as much fun as Second Life in 2003 was (probably wishful thinking, but one can dream).

UPDATE: Hamlet has the most detailed information I’ve seen so far on MetaPlace over at GigaOM. Now I really want to be in the beta!

Twitter for Second Life


! (Twitterrific)! The inimitable Ordinal Malaprop has created TwitterBox, an object for sending and receiving tweets from the Twitter service. A couple of prominent SLers are Twittering already including Mark Wallace of 3PointD and the never dull Prokofy Neva. The icon is from IconFactory’s awesome Twitterrific (Mac OS X only).

Web Profiles are Coming


In the next update of Second Life (1.13), a new tab will appear in your avatar’s Profile that can be seen by the public. This Web tab can be set to a specific URL that loads a Web page. The rendering of the the page uses the Mozilla browser technology (think Firefox). The dimensions of the page are 400×400 pixels. If a page is larger scrollbars will appear to allow the user to scroll the page.

This is a great opportunity to bring external information about your avatar or business into Second Life. I imagine one of the existing SL profile Web sites will take great advantage of this new feature.

The big question, of course, is when do we get Mozilla-on-a-Prim?